During your stay at Varsio, we collect data in order to provide you with the best experience possible. To make a perfectly functioning website, we keep track of a few things. These are listed below:

When visiting our website we keep track of:

- User activity (page views, directions)

- Social media monitoring

- IP-adress

When making an account, we are able to collect the following data:

- First & last name

- Adress

- Billing information

- Phone number

- IP-adress

- Email adress

Furthermore, we use the data for the following:

- Customer service (order tracking, number of visits)

- Account relations

- Reviews

- Newsletters

- Improving the site / technical support

- Specially targeted offers and personalized discounts

- Specialized help on the go

- Prevention of fraud, hacking.


By European and Dutch law, we are obligated to let you review your own personal data stored at our server. You may receive a copy of this information by email on request. If you wish to remove any personal data we may have collected such as the information above, please let us know. You can send an email to Your request to delete your personal data will be processed within one business day. The personal information will be removed no more than 10 business days after your request.