Payment methods

We want all of our customers to enjoy a completely hassle-free way of purchasing our products. We offer a variety of payment options, even for UK/German/Belgian/USA based customers. For more info, feel free to contact us first. And the best of all? Each transaction is free of charge, no additional fees are added to your order!

Our secure payment options

With SSL you can be rest assured that your payment is safely processed. Your payment process will be entirely encrypted through the SSL connection by Comodo. We use the Dutch payment provider for international transactions. is an official acquirer of the Dutch iDEAL payment system, and you can be rest assured that all Credit Card payments live up to the highest security standards possible.

Using PayPal (Pay in $ or €)

By using PayPal, you can be assured of a safe and secure way to pay your product. Varsio guarantees an immediate transaction and quick delivery, because of our automatic delivery system.

Using VISA / MasterCard (pay in $ or €)

If you wish to pay in Dollars, you can use VISA or MasterCard for your payment, by setting the currency on our website to DOLLARS. Enter your location of residence first, then the appropriate payment options will become available to you. We do not charge a fee for this transaction. In some unique cases, it is possible that the payment has to be manually verified by us. This happens for instance, when you have done a numerous attempts to pay already, or if your location does not match your invoice / delivery adress. In this case, we will try to manually verify the order payment within a few hours.

Using American Express (AMEX) (pay in €)

Do you wish to pay with American Express? You can use this option if you pay in EURO (€). Go to the Homepage, and click EURO in the upper left corner. Then, you can proceed to checkout. Choose  the first option listed that says ''credit card'' in order to pay with American Express. Do NOT choose the one that says Visa/MasterCard, because you cannot pay with American Express then. 

Using iDEAL, Dutch Credit Cards, Bancontact, SOFORT, KBC/CBC, Bitcoin, AfterPay (pay in €)

For our Dutch customers, iDeal is the most popular way to handle a transaction. And the best of it all, is that this payment option is free of charge. No additional costs will be charged when using this payment method. All the mentioned payment methods above are available inside the Netherlands and Belgium. It's not possible to pay in Dollars when using a Dutch or other EU location. If you wish to pay in Dollars, you will need to use the English page, and select an adress in the US or UK.

Payment Provider

For all payments being done outside of the European Union, for VISA / Mastercard  we use Payment provider as our payment host. Each transaction is handled by this payment provider. For more info, please check out their website at or check out this English page.

If you have any questions, please use our Live Chat, or contact our Support at